You CAN get paid for Nonprofit work, but there’s a catch

Published on 24 Jun 2022 / In Non-profits & Activism

Yes, you CAN get paid to work for a nonprofit - There are just a few catches. #Nonprofit #Nonprofits

Whether you’re starting a nonprofit and wondering how you’ll make a living, or interested in nonprofits as a job or career opportunity, receiving a salary working for a nonprofit is a mysterious prospect to many.

I now work full time for the 501c3 nonprofit I started many years ago and love seeing the social impact we make in our community as we grow. But I didn’t just decide one day to make a living and pay myself - I had to work carefully to turn this into a full time job, work with my board of directors to receive compensation, and more. Many people get confused about how someone can “work” for a nonprofit. In this video I’ll talk about how it works and what you’ll need to know to make it happen.


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