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Sponsor Sponsored. Sponsorship in 2021. How to Get Sponsors - Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Published on 24 Jun 2022 / In Non-profits & Activism

The most successful strategies for getting sponsors for your charity, club, non profit, school, college, church, educational institution, sports team, a sponsor for your YouTube Channel or to get a sponsor for a community organisation. How to get sponsored. This video is also for individuals such as sportspeople, celebrities, entertainers and speakers that wish to find a sponsor to fund their sport, travel, invention, tour or research. Learn what sponsors are looking for and how to strongly appeal to them. Learn what to say and what to do to seal longterm sponsorships and fundraising revenue. This video teaches board members, event organisers, fundraising committee members, club presidents, speakers, conference organisers, memberships. marketing managers, fundraising managers, sales people and other managers involved in putting on events and funding research how to correctly approach potential sponsors to sell them sponsorship proposals.

Finding a sponsor to fund your project involves understanding what your potential sponsors are interested in achieving by investing in sponsorships. Often, they are trying to achieve financial and public relations benefits as an ROI. This return on sponsorships is only possible for companies if their sponsored individual, sports person, YouTube star, charity, cause, disease group, trade group, professional association, event or social project has in its audience, membership and community - the very same people that comprise the sponsors target market. In other words, sponsors are looking to get to consumers, voters and communities that represent the same people that buy their products or services. Your entire sponsorship strategy must be based upon this premise.

Everything in this video also applies if you want to know how to get brand deals. Brand deals are are form of sponsorship whereby a brand sponsors you. Usually, brand deals are for individuals such as sports people, celebrities, YouTube channels, tennis players, footballers, cricketers, basketball players and influencers. Corporate brand deal sponsorships usually require the sponsored person to promote a company’s brand and to exclusively use, wear, consume and be seen in that brand’s products or services in public, on television, in the media, in interviews, on tour and to publicly endorse and recommend that brand.

Product placements are another form of brand deal or brand sponsorship. Product placements are especially important to YouTube channel sponsorships, television advertisements and to video content creators as product placement allows your TV show, YouTube channel, comedy series, documentary, sports programme or news show to place directly in the video frame, the product itself ad so advertisement the product to the target audience. This form of sponsorship allows the company to have their product demonstrated on video by an influencer or celebrity, in a natural setting.

To be successful in gaining a sponsor, your audience/membership/community need to buy the things that your sponsor sells. From the perspective of the corporate sponsor, partnering with a celebrity, cause, charity, NGO or event gives them a way of connecting with and influencing new, prospective buyers in a meaningful manner that has more credibility and enjoys more goodwill than simple paid advertising offers. Sponsorships offer cut-through and sponsors can benefit by associating their brand with a reputable non-profit organisation or influential person or popular celebrity on TV, YouTube or social media.

When approaching sponsors, you must ensure that your sponsorship proposal clearly prove to the potential sponsor that your audience, membership and community are in fact, the corporate sponsor’s buyers. You must also demonstrate how you will effectively and positively promote your sponsor to your stakeholders, giving examples to the sponsor of how you will communicate this and how you will encourage your stakeholders and your audience to buy from and support the sponsor.

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