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Sony LISTENED! PS5 Update adds most wanted feature!

Published on 06 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics / World News


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New PS5 Update:
Strategy guides have been a staple of the gaming world since the earliest days of video games. Many of the most popular games over the years have received their own physical guidebooks giving players hints and information about games. While physical guides aren't as prevalent today as they were in the early days of the internet in the 1980s and 1990s, games like Elden Ring continue to see dedicated guidebooks to this day. Now, a new technology from Sony may see PlayStation owners getting a built-in voice-activated strategy guide.
A recent patent filed by Sony details a "video game guidance system" with Sony apparently working on a system to provide players with information and strategies for playing a game. Sony's system looks to be voice-activated with a player's voice prompt calling on a database filled with game objective information, returning a guide for players to complete a difficult section. The patent's discussion likens the system to printed strategy guides, citing the "complexity" of modern games as outpacing the "conventional game strategy guide."

The rumors behind the next PlayStation Showcase continue to circulate. Retired leaker AccountNgt said in May that there wouldn’t be a major showcase until September. In a recent tweet, News0Videogames said (translation by DeepL) that there would be a PlayStation Showcase on September 8th. It will feature “many first-party games and some big-time comebacks.”

The credibility of the account is up in the air, especially when the bio outright says it’s not always accurate. However, when shared with Xbox Era co-founder Nick Baker, he revealed this to be the same date conveyed to him. His source said they heard that the showcase is “apparently” on September 8th.

They had “three different people tell me September 8th within about 20 minutes of each other. I know dates get changed very last second, but it sounds like they want to go before Disney.” The last bit refers to the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase at D23 Expo 2022 on September 9th, which will provide a sneak peek at Skydance New Media’s upcoming Marvel game.

As for the PlayStation Showcase, time will tell. Baker is also not 100 percent sure if it’s happening on September 8th. But with PlayStation VR2 apparently coming next year and God of War Ragnarok out in November, September seems a good time to showcase them both. Stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks.

Which PS5?
Sony has once again quietly launched a revised PS5 model that’s more lightweight. Press Start, an Australian-based gaming site, reports that both the disc and digital versions of the PS5 are a lot lighter now, after new models began appearing in Australia this week.

The new disc model (CFI-1202A) now weighs 3.9kg (8.6 pounds), a 7 percent reduction from the 2021 revision (4.2kg / 9.2 pounds) and an even bigger 13 percent reduction from the original model (4.5kg / 9.9 pounds). The digital PS5 has a similar weight loss, with the 2022 revision now weighing 3.4kg (7.5 pounds), down 13 percent from the original weight of 3.9kg (8.6 pounds). The new models mean the disc version of the PS5 now weighs the same as the original digital PS5 model.

Press Start isn’t sure why both models have dropped in weight again. Sony introduced revised PS5 models last year and a change in heatsink made up for the entire weight reduction of 300 grams (0.6 pounds). We’ll need to wait for someone to tear down the new PS5 models to find out what has actually changed inside.

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