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Forge of Empires: Beta Recap Week 15/16 - Bugfixes + Wildlife Event New Buildings & Event Pass?

Published on 14 Jun 2022 / In Pets & Animals

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Daily Changelog Week 16: https://forum.beta.forgeofempi....res.com/index.php?th
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Welcome to another beta recap, where at the end of most weeks I do a quick recap of what's been happening on the Beta Server! I'll go through any interesting updates, changes, as well as any new spoilers in the spoilers section! I hope you find this content interesting, and please let me know if you'd like any format changes!

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Daily Changelog Week 15
0:52 Daily Changelog Week 16
1:52 Spoilers
1:57 - Soccer Event Delayed
2:24 - Wildlife Event Updates!
3:24 -- New Production Building (like Sleigh Builder)!
4:10 -- Event Pass? Exclusive Buildings?
5:28 - New Boost Icons (for Town Hall Boost Overview?)
7:20 Thanks to my Patreons!

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