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100 Mystery Buttons But Only One Lets MARIO Escape (Preston/ Dangie Bros 100 Mystery Buttons parody)

Published on 03 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation / Action

"100 mystery buttons but only one lets you escape" is now a Mario challenge!! In this funny Mario video, Mario is trapped in a box with 100 mystery buttons, but only one button will let Mario escape and complete the level! Some buttons will reward Mario, some mystery buttons will hurt Mario, and if Mario can make it out safely, Mario gets to hit the giant MEGA button!! (or he can choose to hit the tiny-mega button)

Preston has done the 100 Mystery Buttons challenge, Unspeakable has done the 100 Mystery Buttons challenge, and I think the Dangie Bros have originally started the 100 Mystery Buttons challenge, and NOW, it's time to bring the "100 Mystery Buttons but only one lets you escape" challenge to SUPER MARIO in a funny Mario challenge video! :D Can speedrunner Mario speedrun this mystery box challenge?

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#100Buttons #SuperMario3DWorld #Mario

Intro/ challenge explanation - 0:00
Mario vs 100 Mystery Buttons but only one lets you escape - 0:23
Thank you for watching! - 14:16
Outro - 14:38

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